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iPhone Web Frameworks

When I see a new platform, I’m the kind of guy that looks for tools first thing.

Here’s a list of existing tools for iPhone web development… Sadly, many aren’t suitable for iPad web development (and I’m sure some would argue that some’re not even suitable for iPhone web development).

So – what I’m looking for in a framework:

  1. Small enough to be stored in the safari cache (<24kb)
  2. Provide native look and feel (I may not use it, but it’s always nice to have)
  3. Provide basic functionality for Ajax (I could write my own, but why not?)

Here’s a list of the frameworks I’ve found. I haven’t looked at most of them yet, I’ll update this page as I do.

  • iUI
  • A simple library designed to mimic native look and feel in iPhone web apps. Joe Hewett, the initial designer, has a blog post describing it in general terms. The focus on iPhone behavior means that it’s either going to have to be rewritten for iPad, or folks will just have to put up with a very blocky interface.

  • BaseJS
  • A small, focused library that provides mostly non-visual helper methods

  • PhoneGap
  • XUI
  • PastryKit
  • jQTouch
  • iWebkit
  • WebApp.net
  • UiUIKit
  • Apples provided Dashcode app builder (not a framework per se, of course)

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